Connecting you to Local Shops

La Boutique is an online marketplace linking shoppers to local retailers through an easy-to-use app.

We offer our customers the convenience of ordering products directly from local stores and having them delivered sustainably on the same day.

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A Marketplace for Local Stores

Small businesses within and outside of their communities are sought after by customers who want to buy locally. We help local retailers attract more customers by allowing them to conveniently sell their products online to shoppers close by or around the country.

Join us today and help create the future of online retail !

Shop Local

Find out what your local stores offer, all in one place.

With La Boutique, shoppers can browse a wide selection of products from local stores. Search for a nearby store, purchase items in a few clicks, and get them delivered to your home the same day.

Anywhere you are

La Boutique is available on mobile, tablets and desktop.

All your local stores accessible in one easy to use app.
Order natural cosmetics from the beauty store, jeans, and trendy accessories from the chic boutique store across town. Or pick up a gift for that party you forgot about.

Sustainable Delivery

Same day delivery from local retailers.

We pick up orders from the store and deliver the same evening to local customers, and partner with national couriers for longer distances!

By using electric bikes to deliver, we can keep our carbon footprint small, yet quickly reach customers and stores.

A New Way to Shop

We make it easy for you to shop online at your local stores

Support local businesses

La Boutique partners with local retail stores to provide a unique curation of products.

Same Day Delivery

Local delivery by electric bikes in a few hours or the same evening.

Easy to Use

Shop, track orders and message stores in the app!

Your local neighborhood store

Online shopping with the community feel of a local store.

Secure Payments

We use Stripe to give you the most secure payment experience.

Available on ios and Android

Available on the App Store and Play Store!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is La Boutique different from other marketplaces ?

La Boutique is an online marketplace for local retailers. We help local retailers grow by connecting their stores to customers worldwide and increasing the use of their stores.
When someone orders a product from us, it is pulled from a store's shelf and shipped to the customer. Thus, we can enhance our partner stores' inventory turnover and deliver quickly and sustainably to local markets as well as reach international customers at the same time.

Which cities does La Boutique cover?

La Boutique is open in Amsterdam for the moment.

What type of payments do you accept ?
Europe & UK
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
US & Canada
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Paypal
Rest of the World
  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
I don't see my favorite store on La Boutique ?

Let us know what stores you would like to see on La Boutique! We are working hard to onboard new stores to the marketplace.

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